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We are increasingly becoming aware of art in our surroundings, and are beginning to recognise art in everything we see all around us, right from global cuisines and fashion, to the colourful graffiti splashed on walls- inspiration is to be found in every nook and cranny of cities all across the world.The global has become local, and vice-versa, and Easel Stories is led by a team of people that is extremely passionate about art, and has since its inception worked hard to bring lesser known artists to the fore. Artists, who are powerhouses in their own right, but just lacked the exposure thus far. Our art collective is not dictated by which artist is trending, or what art form is deemed popular, nor by lofty budgets.The increased awareness and appreciation of the beauty that the world and it's people surround us with, has led to a new breed of art collectors, and Easel Stories caters to this empowered group of people, who know exactly what they want, and aren't afraid to experiment and go beyond the renowned names in the art world.Easel Stories is a disruptive platform that not only exhibits art, but also brings artists, art enthusiasts and collectors, on a common platform through initiatives like Artist Residency Programme, where master artists create art live while interacting with the audience and explaining their work, techniques, and the stories behind their canvasses. Or the Commission Your Piece service that allows our patrons to commission works of art by collaborating with an artist of their choice. We also enhance the experience through exclusive services like View-At-Home wherein you can view the piece at home first & buy it later. And our Art Advisory which helps you choose the right artwork.So, what are you waiting for? Join in on the movement and splash your life with vibrant colours and designs from the world over.

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P.Gnana  ventured into creatin
P.Gnana ventured into creating a three dimensional representation of his inspirations.It is a fact that exemplary paintings by P. Gnana are also in the collections of the Former President of the Repu...
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